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Hear what members are saying and see what has been happening in and around The Landing!

"The Landing is a very special place for seniors to make friends and become involved in activities but there are other age groups under the YMCA roof.  Last week when you asked if I would consider being a Grandparent volunteer for a a day by helping in day care getting the little ones dressed in costumes on Halloween I was happy to say yes!  It's feeling more like a family all the time."

"The Landing has become a hub for my life in retirement. It’s brought so many people into my life that I would have known only slightly or never known at all. Now, we’re all such good friends. You’ll often find us drinking coffee between morning classes, but you’ll also find a large group of us at dinner, at concerts, and events. We take care of each other. We network for solutions about day-to-day challenges we face. We celebrate successes and encourage one another to stretch and try new things. We are more than just members—we’re friends. And…there’s always room for more chairs around the table. "

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