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Have a question about The Landing? You might find the answer here!

If not, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

Q: What does The Landing have to offer?

A: If you’re craving a central place to do more of what you love, The Landing is all you need to gather, move and grow—under one roof. We are more than just a senior center. Make yourself at home. Come and go as you please. Find community, continue to learn and explore every facet of health, with the YMCA close by. From art classes, games and coffee with friends, to community programs and fitness, come find your center at The Landing.

Q: What are The Landing’s hours?

A: The hours at The Landing fluctuate depending on the season. At this time, The Landing is open from 8:00am – 4:30pm, M-F, and 9:00am-1:00pm on Saturday.

Q: How much is a membership to The Landing?

We have two membership types at The Landing. Click here for more details about each type!

Q: What is the difference between Y360 and the virtual programming offered through The Landing?

A: The virtual programming offered by The Landing is live, interactive, and features instructors and presenters you know. On the other hand, Y360 is a product that is available at any participating YMCA and is predominately pre-recorded videos that are available on-demand, recorded at YMCAs across the country.

Q: I have SilverSneakers (or another program that pays for my membership) – what is included?

A: Your Medicare plan covers a 55+ All Access Membership to the Y and The Landing – that means that everything is included! You can take classes that are branded for SilverSneakers or The Landing, but anything offered at The Landing and the Y is open to you with your All Access Membership.

Q: How do I get a day pass for The Landing?

A: You may stop at the Front Desk of either Woodson YMCA branch to purchase a day pass.

Q: Can my friend who isn’t a member participate in programming?

A: Yes! Most programs are available to non-members, though the program costs may differ. Call us for more information about a specific program.

Q: If my membership is through SilverSneakers, does that mean I can only participate in those classes?

A: You can participate in ANY class that the Y and The Landing has to offer! SilverSneakers classes are available to anyone as well – they are no limited only to members who have SilverSneakers.

Q: Why do some programs cost money and other don’t?

A: We do our best to keep programming as an included part of membership and many of our programs are free. However, there are times when we have to charge a nominal fee in order to cover costs incurred by instructors or The Landing.

Q: If I’ve registered for a class, when do I have to pay?

A: We request payment at the time of registration. There are some programs or trips that allow for installments of payments – that information will be included on the flyer or in the monthly newsletter from The Landing. If you ever want to join a program and cannot pay, please contact someone in The Landing.

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